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G4 Boyz - Devil's Town lyrics

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I was living in the devil town

didn't know it was a devil town,

Oh Lord it really brings me down

down the devil town


F*ck a bitch I'm just getting rich,

F*ck a bitch I'm just getting rich,

F*ck a bitch I'm just getting rich,

getting rich, getting rich.

That's what they prayin for, prayin for, prayin for x 3

Uh fake ass nigga tryin to set me up,

I'm cuffin months, I wait em up,

I'm in the coop, call me Mr. Cooper,

I'ma like to scalp the rap cooper shooters,

I'm about to slipe I really do it,

you a envy nigga, you really do it

I still the peace I'm in my ..

my baby mama she ain't sees the Christian

never lock the hoe, never trust the bitches

I f*ck the friends while I'm getting rich

'cause there ain't no nigga that's fly like me,

ain't no nigga that's lock like me,

you post like me, who like me,

who the bust to take, you think..

my wish some chill, my holy chill,

my nigga don't fight you shit for kill.


And all my friend were vampire

didn't know they were vampire

turn that out in a vampire myself

in devil's town.

You can fight for the p**sy, wanna fight for the p**sy

f*ckin all these hoes for mollie down in the p**sy

thirsty ass nigga, you all in her pix,

gassing facts, bitches up callin them thick,

she all in the club, you at home with the kids,

you're texting her phone, she likely me alone

you like I'ma whip that ass as soon as she home,

now you're calling her mama like your daughter is out of control,

Bring me down, bring me down,

Bring me down, bring me down

that's how you're feelin high

that's what she wanna do

that how you're feelin high

Ha ha, don't do a nigga like that

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