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Done four bag full of money, 20s with the hundred

'cause I've been on the grind, I've been serving jackets

rest to do all on my circles, I've been with the work,

you on that petty chains still getting front that worse,

smooth verse with this 8 1 she flacked up like a sea fish,

12-6 for a Nina Ross them prices gotta dick the list.

I got some niggas doing life but fuck em with them bricks

ain't got me ghetto pose, don't think it's worth the wrist,

but my plug hear and said it gone for 36,

break em down, sell em singles, that's a major flip,

streets dry so I might just have to take a trip,

and you know she coming clean you can take a sniff.


I get these nigga hope I'll be their motivation

yeah, I f*ck these nigga bitch try this nigga crazy,

I'm the nigga, I'm the top because their conversation

'cause I've be on the grind, I've be chasin Franklins

I've be chasin Franklins, I've be chasin Franklins

why you niggas chasin hoes? I've been chasin Franklins.

I've been chasin Franklins, I've been chasin Franklins.

quarter mile off the jaze did it off for patience.

I get this bitches song so they can talk about,

I show these niggas shit, they don't know about,

this birdies in the kitchen, money in the clouds,

misses in the chopper bitch and you can dudge,

half a million dollar count well I'm a partner

right there in the hood, reach..partners,

my niggas dune it, my niggas rob me,

my niggas shoot em, my niggas got me

and I'm just in the kitchen doing my own thing,

bake baking soda got em in my own lean.

Cope kean that's all them thing

you're chasing hoes, got it, I'm here chasin friend.


I got that trial money, so I keep it in the bad

reach my life on the daily nigga just they count this cash

I put it over time, just to get them bands of,

swayin' bullets in the kitchen whippin wood that's pressed off,

I'm straight about the trap and I mean,

glock 40 fat photo nigga who'll be skin

I'm more chasin money why the other niggas dreaming

niggas ball for a quarter but we do it all season

had to give my nigga got it, for this real streets shit

he ain't good off the trap give a f*ck about the hit

you can tell 'bout my wrist, got a nigga hood..

VVS is in the watch nigga that's the whole brick.

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