FUTURE - Real Sisters

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This that new wave

Future Hendrix

Oh that's yo best shit


Say ya getting throwed, I'm tryna pour up with ya

Oh, that's yo best friend? I'm tryna fuck her with ya

First met the bitch, they said they real sisters

I don't give a fuck if they was real sisters

Fuck around with me, ya tryin' to dodge bullets

Serving packs of chickens in a Dodge Hemi

Fuck around with me, ya tryin' tododge bullets

Fuck around with me, I fuck twin sisters


Whippin' up a key, tryna dodge prison

Trappin' in the street, in some Margiela's

Players turn to fiends wit that Godzilla

Sell that heroin in the trap, I'm a dog, nigga

Black Migo Gang, got them bales on us

Way before the fame, I had a bale on me

20,000 off a jugg, ain't got a scale on me

Real shooters, they'll sit in jail for me

Kill the judge, nigga, before they tell on me

And fuck the plug, nigga, I'm tryna take sumethin'

Finesse'd 'em out that cash, say he raped sumethin'

I'm in Lil' Mexico, we 'bout to take sumethin'


(Verse 2)

Hublot on a nigga, so she down for me

Standin' on the stage wit them rounds on me

I sell a lot of chickens and I'm innocent

I'm riding wit that white, dodgin' penitentiary

Middle fingers always to the popo

I done fell in luv wit the Lambo

I been takin' Molly, rocking Tommy

Tom Ford, nigga, walkin' like a zombie

Standin' in the trenches screamin', 'murder'

Ya need to take that nigga off and try to serve 'em

She got Chanel drippin' off her, I'm 'bout to murk her

And I can tell the way she talk, that bitch thirsty


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