FUTURE - Kno The Meaning

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My uncle Ronnie used to wash cars

My uncle Wayne was a kingpin, yanahwimsayin

My uncle Don, that nigga used to rob banks and shit, rest in peace

My granddaddy was a boss, he was a king pin ya hear me


Got the game from them old niggas

Ya got to kno where I'm from to get to kno a nigga

I'm still glad I smoke weed

Hidin' from the police

I spent time overseas, hanging out in England

And I got the squad on my mind and I mean this

Do a lil time out the country, I need this

56 nights, got to kno the real meaning


Dropped Monster tape and had to go to Europe

Best thing I eva did was fall out of love

Esco came to me, he said they think ya washed up

Ya need to go back in, show these niggas who the one

We going back in as soon as we get off tour

He had my hard drive on him when he caught the case

When they took him in custody they took my life away


People didn't even understand that my hard drives that

I recorded all my music on for two years straight was on this

Was on this one hard drive that Esco had and he was locked up

With it so I had to record new music. That's when I did Beast Mode

(Verse 2)

I'm fresh off the plane on them [?] tickets

I endured so much pain, ain't got Esco with me

Ain't got nobody smoke one or pour with me

Niggas rocked the lean, man, when I was OT

And I'm still dealing with the time they gave Doe B

How ya gon' get yo armed robbery around me?

And my lifestyle getting way bigger

I got so much love for my niggas

Brown paper bag we getting back to the paper

Getting back to the basics

Errything I did, it was premeditated

I just knew there'd come a time when I finally did make it

And some niggas started hating, I ain't neva had no problem with these niggas

I've been about my guala from the dodo

Got an R&B chick laying on me, no photo

Got a combo in the condo doing some real life porno


And I ain't worried about nothing in the world, keep that badass bitch

These niggas sayin' I'm in my worries, damn that shit

There's so much more I got to endure

I just had my baby got to go on tour (fuck that shit)


(Verse 3)

I ain't holding this back, I ain't holding this

The music way ahead of its time and I notice this

Get back in the studio, give them what they was missing

They didn't kno I knew the game and I kno how to reinvent it

They ain't kno me in the projects, they just kno me from rhyming

My hard work finally catching up with perfect timing


Ya kno what I'm saying, I could take a hundred dollar slab

And goddamn make three hundred off that bitch, ya dig?



Errything in the streets, it prepared me for errything

That I'm going through right now

The good and the bad, yanahwimsayin?

Can't let none of this shit get to me

I go harder cuz I kno where I was at, and I kno where I wanna go

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