FUTURE - Groupies

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Wake up!

Tryna make motherfukin’ hits nigga

Na man fuckin’ x2

Nah man fuckin’ my group

Na man fuckin’


Nah man fuckin’ my group x 3

I swear that nigga drop for hood

I fuck on your bitch on the group

I fuck on your bitch in a truck

I got a guap on the crib

Nah man fuckin’ my group x 4

They ain’t grippin’ my hoods

I’m for that bitch cuz she bussin’

I’m from that all that she chosin’

Suck all that pop it’s the movin’

I’m probably parkin’ some movin’

Smokin’ ola-la-la like I’m frontin’

Turn you homies on fools like some groopies

On my low get high from a groupie

I just callin’ that pussy, I got ‘em

Want some pall, that molly I got ‘em

Got my neck on the wist and I found ‘em

We don’t takin’ more days, we just fuck ‘em

Are you apreciatin’ by the fuckin’

We can never tell a fuckin’ problem

Pussy good enough to make me lovin’

Pussy good enough to make me knockin’

You get that rollie from nuthin’

You deserve rollies and eighties and all of that

You deserve Dolce and Gabbana and Hermins

Probably don’t know me, nobody could hurt me in group


Damn they fuckin’ my groupies x 4

I told to that nigga come help me

I fuck on your bitch and I pull it x 2

I got that guap and I pull it

Damn they fuckin’ my groupies x 4


Bangin’ and throwin’ in the back and feel

I’m back on that dope and I stay on that hammer

I get that work and I sell it right now

Beat that pussy so real right now

I spend the money however I wanna

I’m for that pussy wherever I wanna

I know that shop is for nigga with scoop

Can’t fool me with nuthin’ whenever I wanna

Take me your zen and I levitate

I had the comma like everyday

Suckin’ on this dick like everyday

Man she wrappin’ and kick, I do better form

She a whore with a slam and a metaphor

Scoop shut and you’re all for me

And go and twitter, she twitter the nigga

Addin’ me like I’mma get it

I see the pussy all night and will get it now

I see the pussy on night G, I got it

I had the heaven for who know a button

You really know that nobody can love me


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