FUTURE - Fuck Up Some Commas (Remix)

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Smoke the first 48 hours

Grind twenty-two and sleep two hours

Put twenty-fours on the new Audi

White on white like baby powder

Drop yo bitch off at Fulton County

Might count it up and then recount it

Double-cup like Tunechi, bust it down wit these goonies

Give no fucks, yeah, we don't give no fucks, yeah

Go fill my cup, yeah, bitch, go fill my cup, yeah

Ya heard that the slums made me, I'm cool wit the convicts

The coupe look like Akon, fuck all that bum shit


Fuck up sum' commas, let's fuck up sum' commas, yeah

Let's fuck up sum' commas, let's fuck up sum' commas, yeah

40 thou to a hunnid thou

A hunnid thou, anotha hunnid thou

Three hunnid thou, five hunnid thou

A million, let's have a money shower

(Verse 2: Rick Ross)

She so high, her nose bleeding, my coke clean like chlorine

Got a white girl and she barefoot in my old school, my floors clean

Maybach that's two-tone, phone tapped, got a few phones

Headphones on my futon, gangsta on my Groupon

I don't bop, but do the money dance, nah, I call it that Robert Kraft

Yo whole clique look dead broke

My young bitch said 'Roger that'

All my dogs got fox furs, teacher said I was a big dummy

Bitch betta come suck my dick

These diamonds on me cost big money

Waiting ya to come just my fence

I paid the bitch off of brick money

Dade County my body count, I whack a nigga on Easter Sunday

Smoke a blunt and might eat sum' pussy

Tell the truth, my mind gone

Peter Jay cost one ticket, ya could neva be in my timezone


(Verse 3: Big Sean)

Boy, I came from the grind up

I neva threw the towel in, even in saunas

D hat on me, bitch, it's just to remind ya

I knew I was riched up befo' I had commas

Back when I used to pull up in that Honda

Police was behind us, I was still wake-up like I'm in the Bahamas

Fuck a money counter, boy

I count this shit up faster than the Honda

Threw a party wit' Future, that's Futurama

Got a future baby momma looking like a young Madonna

Mixing wit' Rihanna, boy, I couldn't tell ya where to find her

But I treat her like I'm finer

Man, y'all fucked the game up, boy, I got to reset it

I was born in '88, but I been ready since '87

No-one let it, counting up the Franklins, ya got to respect it

What the fuck these niggas want from me, nigga?

She call me cause she want sum' company

I'm mo' focused on my company

If they want me, tell 'em they gon' have and hunt fo' me

Boy, I'm a beast, head ova fireplace, nigga

I'm a product of my environment

I'm a bring her home, yeah

I'm a empirer to my empire, big as Empire, nigga

Running thru' the city on sum' Young Caesar shit

Know I made a couple flips, on sum' Pisa pizza shit

Yeah, just know I'm living single on sum' young Khadijah shit

And I'm checking fo' the commas on sum' English teacher shit

Lil bitch


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