FUNKY DL - 20-20-8-8

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(feat. Versatile E)


1-2 1-2 D.L. Versatile E check it out.


I got 20 bars to bust so now I demonstrate

One times 20 and one times 8

One times 20 and one times 8 I got 20 bars to bust it

So now I demonstrate

[Funky D.L.:]

A-yo Kay Sera Sera, what will be will be

I organize the phat track my name be Funky D

L definatly you know I get the loop on

Take off my 20 percent like a Corn Flake coupon

I troop on fools trying to get me down

Me and my DJ make the crew who produce the sound

You wanna represent boy you should of came up sooner

Cause now we transmit like a FM tuner

At all frequencies so people get with it

Or your face will feel like Mike Tyson just hit it

Cause I got the flows so kid whats worse

Trying to battle D.L., DJ Sticks or Versatile E?

Yeah now you know the deal

Bad boy MC showing how I feel

On the microphone so I suggest you take heed

Cause I be blowing up like that movie Speed

Yeah you know the style you know the idea

And this is my chance to expand my career

So I'm gonna take it and just keep rappin'

Cause in a year or two who will know what will happen


[Versatile E:]

Make Room it's the individual number 2

My rap got you choking and you still don't have a clue (what) Here's my 20

bars on my 20 and 8

I'm a wipe 'em out quickly like food on my plate

Don't debate coming and close the gate

Don't like my style being smuggled to another state

Beyond your 2000 skills I'm early you ain't late

What you find hard I find just a piece of cake

Deliberly bad like uh, hepititis

Well I'm bustin' rhymes you facin' lyrical crisis

Ain't the nicest but I flow like D-Nice

With an unusual flavor add some Versatile spice

At night look at the sky the smallest star is me

I ain't there no more it's my shine that you can see

With light speed on my way to uh the star maps

At the same time have a break let my brain relax

Competition ain't even that strong anymore

I got many worlds to study, learn and explore

My plan is to go where no man has gone before

Cuz even Indian heads ain't ready for the (crashing) I got in store


I got 8 bars to bust it so now I demonstrate

One 16 that's made by two 8's

One 16 that's made by two 8's

I got 8 bars to bust it so now I demonstrate [x2]

[Funky D.L.:]

A-yo I represent hip hop and for that I'm proud

And just like Rakim I can Move The Crowd

So what you gonna do when you see me approach

See you gonna be the rookie but I be the coach

Yo that's right D.L. is the name

A-yo that's right I can never be the same

But there's one thing you must understand

See I'm gonna represent and do the best I can

Hey a-yo I saw a doctor about my swift hermaphosis

And totally rapping ill was my diagnosis

Ask the doctor "Yo tell me what's gonna happen?"

We done to seize enemies world is the prognosis

Oh well I could of guessed but what I hear that was bucks

But only would hear the first round bell

20-20-8-8 a glass of prune only the making

A move that's true cause you know we're never faking


I had 20 bars to bust it then I had an 8

I grab hold the mic so I could demonstrate

First I had a 20 then I had an 8

The name of this here is 20-20-8-8 [x2]

"D.L. and the Sticks

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