Frogs - Lifeguard Of Love

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Yeah, yeah<br />

Ooh, yeah, yeah<br />

Live lovely love on the beach with the men<br />

In their nice tan suits<br />

Some without anything on<br />

A lifeguard all year long<br />

All year long I'm a lifeguard<br />

All year long I'm a lifeguard<br />

Rescuing men, I'll help you out<br />

You look a little stiff there man<br />

Looks like shark bite<br />

Help me!<br />

That looks like it needs some sucking out<br />

Oh yeah, just a lifeguard<br />

I'm a lifeguard on the beach for love<br />

Lifeguard<br />

Lifeguard of love<br />

Fuck off!<br />

Fucked up<br />

It's wrong when men love women<br />

You know men should only be with men

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