Frogs - I'm Hungry

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I'm hungry<br />

Feed me now<br />

I gotta eat something<br />

Don't give a shit, give me a piece of a cow<br />

I'm hungry<br />

Come on, where's the meat?<br />

Give me a piece of fruit, that kind<br />

I'm hungry<br />

Don't give a shit about lying around in a nursing home watching TV<br />

Give me a piece of anything!<br />

I'm hungry<br />

I don't wanna be your friend<br />

I'm hungry<br />

Give me what you got on your plate<br />

Get your hands!<br />

I'll take what I want<br />

I'm hungry<br />

I deserve this food<br />

Don't you dare not feed me food!<br />

I'm hungry<br />

Who isn't?<br />

Got something stuck in my throat<br />

Probably a piece of pheasant<br />

What do you put in this food?<br />

Are you poisoning me?<br />

My throat is bent<br />

My throat is all bent up<br />

Help!<br />

Nurse!<br />

My throat!<br />

The bent... the bent throat!<br />

I got a bent throat!<br />

What do you mean, what the fuck?<br />

The throat is bent<br />

You can't eat food with a bent throat<br />

You try fooding eat<br />

You eat, yeah, you eat all right<br />

I watch you eat<br />

I never get no food<br />

What do I get?<br />

Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers<br />

Give me some rightovers for once<br />

My throat<br />

Wait a minute<br />

But I'm hungry<br />

I'm hungry<br />

Oh man, I'm hungry

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