Frogs - I Love You (you Know I Don't)

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I love you, oh, you know I do<br />

No arms no legs<br />

But yes, I'll be true, I love you<br />

I'll visit you often because I, I've got a thing for boys<br />

Oh, I do<br />

I'll be here to see you through<br />

I love you, you know I don't<br />

What a burden it is taking care of little creeps like you<br />

I love you, I'll take care of you, you know I do<br />

Not care anymore if you live<br />

You're gonna ride that miniature pony I bought you<br />

You better get some legs and some arms, too<br />

'Cause I've told you before I don't love you, you know I do

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