Frogs - Gwendlyn Macrae lyrics

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My daughter's missing, so I'll call the authorities<br />

I hope she hasn't been raped<br />

This world's a mystery to me, oh<br />

She was a straight-A student from Tennessee<br />

A little mentally ill, but as parents we never notice these things<br />

She's missing<br />

I hope she's missing us today<br />

'Cause we love you, Gwendlyn MacRae<br />

The school said she'd never amount to much<br />

And her boyfriends always wanted at least a feel or a touch<br />

And now she's missing<br />

Our daughter's missing today<br />

I hope she hasn't been raped<br />

This world's still a game<br />

A mystery to us as parents today<br />

MacRae, we love you girl, Gwendlyn MacRae<br />

Gwendlyn MacRae, where are you today?<br />

Gwendlyn MacRae

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