Frogs - Children Run Away (the Man With The Candy)

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Children in the schoolyard hard at play<br />

Man behind the trees with his candy on the way<br />

Run away<br />

Run away from the man with candy<br />

Run away<br />

Children with the candy in his van<br />

Drive to a secluded location -- down with the pants<br />

Children run away with the man with the candy<br />

Today<br />

Back at the schoolyard, he's hard at play<br />

Joining in with all the children's games<br />

Children run away from the man with the candy<br />

Children run away<br />

The principal has a few words for the man<br />

"Better get out of here and take your van!"<br />

And now he's gone<br />

As he rides past your lawn<br />

Children run away<br />

The man with the candy has come to play<br />

With you today

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