fR€$H aka SHORT DaWG

fR€$H aka SHORT DaWG - DA LyFE

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I told you that when we’ll hooked up baby

That you gonna have to share me

With all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet

And I ball into that sharin’ because I love you


She starin’ into my eyes, feelin’ petrify and tammy

From that look her shake, I’m ‘bout to exercise this pimpin’

Kidden line don’t trip, if you fall in love, I escape

See this gangster needed the sip

And my hard core is on shake

I break your hoers ain’t stop, have it brigin’ home like crap

I’ve been comin’ down with that droppers

Got it frankly on my watch

Yeah I’ve been the man since twelve

You can blame it on my pops

She can play her role

I might tape it like scotch

Tell him, I don’t need your name cuz ain’t no need for that

I just hope you good with that brain, peace of mine

Got my seizure plan when I ride

And this thing is still with 2 cups

And one hoer on each side like try to get on real tight


Cuz ain’t nothin’ broke right here but the rules,

I’mma do it my way

I got my own blue print, I don’t need you to sip

So don’t be lookin’ to me so ways

Only God could judge me

God can judge me x 2

This the life He chose me, so only God could judge me

Yeah He can judge me, He can judge me

Cuz this the life he chose me

This the life I chose


The niggas kill behind me, hoers better keep that nine on the _______(?)

Gotta watch them haters, eyes on ‘em like stoves

If you kissed and fall bumped on

I know I got the drive just helped ‘em on the right road

Yeah, they treat you different when you explode

It’s hard to tell who actin’

Til that fine and expose, man these nigga breakin’ the dawn

Call ‘em actors

Bitches livin’ life like I ain’t comin’ back after


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