FREESTYLE KINGZ - D-3 Niggaz lyrics

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(feat. Chalie Boy)


I won't stop I won't quit, till these niggaz admit

That I'm the shit, platinum placks everytime that I spit

I'm on this mic and on a mission, cause I gotta get mine

And if a nigga try to stop it, then he gotta lay down

See I'm like the Clipse, cause I stay on my grind

Everytime I fall up, niggaz stop and rewind

I'm still that Dirty 3rd Nigga, that squeeze Dirty 3rd triggers

And if you ask me what I'm bout, I tell the world I'm bout my figures

Fuck you haters, y'all ain't nothing but mini men

I'm trying to keep my shit folding, while you stack your fin's man

And I ain't even playing, yeah I'm down with my killas

Yes in person it be like, that's the wrecking poo-poo realer

It's the thousand dollar spenders, your body on the curb

You can't get in my car with drank, or you'll waste all your syrup

I be so hard, people be like Ake a vet

Don't ask them whisperings, they can't hear the shit and I wreck

I never spit whack, man don't make Ake a tech

But when Ake a tech nigga, you better be way back

Or you'll get hit by the mack, and I ain't talking about 10

I'm talking bout my gun, do you wanna meet my little friend


Ake it's in my bloodline, that's why I spit so raw

And I done lost my best friend, due to a nigga he fought

I seen some shit, that most cats just rap about

And I done felt pain, I'm still trying to factor out

Streets is real, sometimes these streets'll kill

But at the same time, these streets is how you eat your meals

Hustled the block, to make it cause the times is hard

The only peace a nigga get, is the time with the Lord

I often pray, for something just to better my way

Feeling Pac when he spoke, about a better day

I gotta get it dog, cause ain't nobody giving handouts

And if you got it, I'ma take you and your man out

Nigga the hood is my life, the hood is my life

I'm a fiend, and this hood is my pipe

See I done been through hell, and I done been through jail

Most of my life, was broke without I been through mail

I done smoked the weed, and I done sipped the drank

All I know is cutting dope, trying to flip this bank

That's why I move, like a real G suppose to

You want proof, then motherfucker I can show you


This is for you hateeeeers, let me tell you

You gotta sin, and I done smell you

One on one is cool, but if you talking bout jumping

I'll act a fool, but until then what I'ma do

Is sit on the sideline, my time yes I'm about mine

Until my name is brought up, in a situation

Present yourself, I'ma get up swang up

Cock back and bust, and put a dent in your head

Don't hold your breath, I'm only throwing stones

At a pack of wolves, if you get hit bitch then bring it dog

Well just speaking of chrome, or using verbal tones

It really don't matter, cause it's gonna burn in your bones

My zone and section is filled

With haters and chrome, and plexing but still

I try to maintain, possession of skill

So that I may gain perfection, and that's reeeeeal


Yeah, Big Rob the Rhino

FK2K3, real man

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