Freddy Vs Jason movie

Freddy Vs Jason movie - We Were (Electrocute)

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Song by Type O Negative<br /><br>

We were electrocute<br>

In our has-been 1980's suits<br>

So electrocute<br>

Everyone we knew said it too<br>

That's when even strangers knew our names<br>

Ten years later sighed "what a shame"<br>


We were electrocute<br>

To make the point again is moot<br>

Ssso electrocute<br>

How on you I've wasted my youth<br>

Your cold eyes of Coney Island sand<br>

Hair dyed the blood of a foolish man<br>


So proud to be by your side<br>

We were a team no one denied<br>


Even though I still miss your lips<br>

You're about as real as your tits<br>


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