Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs - Pronto lyrics

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Say, your nigga spoil round x 3

I ain’t trippin’ about none, x 2

Let me trip about murder

Would you trip on?

I ain’t trippin’ about none, x 2

Let me trip about murder

Good life never die nigga, good life never die nigga

So break me your motherfucker G

Up on my motherfucker trapper up on my side nigga

And when you said the shooters to a nigga til you lose,

You’ll need a look with your eye nigga

Come round me, come and do me

Everybody on the news having several and try to fight nigga

Damn no, yeah, y’all know

You know, you a convo on, bang up to the condo, pronto

Yeah mediate I call the tanto

Did it on the top flow with the ______(?)

Ooh yeah

I hear he forget a good murder

No take in the right road, oh yeah


I’mma ride on, so I’m grind for my niggas x 3

Die for the, grind for the, shy for the nigga, grind for my nigga yeah,

Straight on, no flex

Yeah why you did it niggas pocket

Niggas they fishing six in the ax

Hundred pound, Bobby Brown, got the new addition

Rap game, let it dope game

Man we got enemies like I’ve been robbing nigga for the cocaine

Fade down on the flow man

We got beef up on the street and I’mma bring it to your dope man

Good life never die nigga so bring your pussy down and ride nigga

So bare me your motherfucker G up on my motherfucker chopper by my side nigga

And when you said the shooters, let a nigga to that pussy

Nigga look me in my eye nigga

Come throw me, come and do me

Leave the bodies on the news ________(?)

Nigga y’all know, a young know,

Leave it in a combo and they know

But five hoer, chopper for a kilo, a prondo

Took it to the condo, pronto

Head in the air, I call it tanto

Throwing fence in the seas shut up pronto


I hear that he forget a good murder, that only pay to the _______(?)

Ooh yeah


Say, you nigga spall around x 9

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