Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs - Extradite lyrics

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(Prod. by Mikhail & Speakerbomb)

Ft. Black Thought


The devil is a motherfuckin' liar

Straight kill 'em

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Here we come though

(Verse: Freddie Gibbs)

Took his order then I served his quarter like five nickels

Man, I'll stay on point like icicle

Niggas can't decode, or figure my rhyme riddles

Took my money to the source and said fuck the man in the middle

Talkin' hard, soft, heroin, green, that's what we had boy

Erica was the bag lady, I was the bag boy

Option was that minimum wage, live in a cage

Buildin' a prison everyday, man they cultivatin' these slaves

In this new age, dude's wage is fugaze

I'm the whole gallon and half pint like school days

I been killin' 'em since Kool Moe Dee, Ra, Cool, Face

Zero dollars, Zero tolerance, lettin' that tool bang nigga

(Hook: Freddie Gibbs)

Yeah, nigga

And if the devil die today, I'mma treat it like it's a holiday

Bout the Michael Jackson, beat it, I mean it, I got a powder day

And nothin' funny, but I play with the money like it's Monopoly

And if the devil die today, I'mma treat it like it's a holiday

(Verse 2: Black Thought)

I used to lay in bed starin' at the ceilin' fan

Feelin' cramps, wishin' I could get a killer gram

Tryna understand why I want to kill a man

With high hopes like rubber tree, plants, and ants

We cheat death with each breath

The only one who make it last foreva is Keith Sweat

Ya eva see a body lyin' dead in the streets yet

Then eat breakfast?

Swallow forced beliefs like police justice

If my city is like urs then cereal scratch

Fingerprints is wiped off

If people seem to always have sumethin' to fight for

But still end up in the state pen or the psych ward

It's lights off

They catch so many casualties it's like war

That's why I don't believe in the hype y'all

The devil talkin' bout he want to extradite y'all

Now I'm the nigga they shinin' the search light for



Here we come now, here we come now

Yeah, freestyle nigga

(Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs)

Homie showed me a 9 milli and 9 nickel

Man, I'll stay on point like icicle

Say ya got that yola, yo fishscale lookin' fickle

They like Jordans out of the gas station, they ain't official

I got thousand dollar jeans on my ass cheek

Cousin got her lights and her gas cut last week

How that make me look if I don't help her get up on 'er feet?

She keep a different nigga, now she end up pregnant every week

I pray ya take these devils out our life, lord, that's our vice, lord

Baby mama's come with the drama, made her my wife lord

Hope ya see I'm trying to do right, lord

Shake 'em up and blowin' the dice, I pray the price, lord


(Verse 4: Black Thought)

Yo, my memoirs are like the Anarchist's Cookbook

Meets the time, fall, spring, summer look book

Sum' people want to see me hanging from a good hook

Instead I hang with a language and slang in the anguish

And pain fit as well, cuz it came with us

After all these years carrying this shame with us

Now the entire planet is going insane with us

Seven year old kids carrying flame spitters

Fortified fences, mortify senses

Crossfire miss my lil daughter by inches

Chemical dependence, medical expenses

But no amount of money on earth can buy vengeance

Writing a life sentence, sirens fire engines

Tyrants seen through the eyes of the wide lenses

Censors crimes, cuz sum' of us want to drive Benzes

But are ya tryna ride with us, or against us?

(Outro: Louis Farrakhan)

As long as they kill us

And go to Wendy’s and have a burger and go to sleep

They gon' keep killing us

But when we die and they die

Then soon we gon' sit at a table, and talk about it, retired

We want sum' of this earth

Or we'll this goddamn country apart!


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