Fred Hammond

Fred Hammond - Shout Unto God

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The children of Israel versus Jericho

God promised them the city

They marched around the walls, hey

On the seventh time around

They let the trumpet

And Joshua stood and said

C'mon everybody shout


Shout unto God, with the voice of triumph

Let's sing and rejoice, for His name is great

C'mon let's celebrate, say

You've been making progress

But now you hit a well, yes sir

Don't forget, hey

That He is in your corner, yes He is

And before one single round

Know that the winner you've been found

And when you hear these words

Let's get ready to rumble

Stand and shout, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)


When you face your foe

Like the walls of Jericho

You just need to know

He has given us the victory

There is no need to worry

‘Cause He is our salvation


Shout, sing and rejoice

Celebrate Him, celebrate

Lift your voice and sing

He is the mighty King

He's Lord of everything, He is God eternal


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