Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing

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When we were kids we hand painted strawberries on a swing

Every moment was so precious, then

I’m still kickin, I’m day dream on a strawberry swing

The entire Earth is fighting

All the world is at its end

Just in case, an atom bomb

Comes falling on my lawn

I should say and you should hear

I’ve loved,

I’ve loved the good times, yeah.

I’ve loved our good times, yeah.

Say hello and say to the places you know

We’re almost ...we any moment is to go

Cry, cry, cry even though that won’t change a thing

But you should know, you should hear

That I’ have learned, I’ve learned a good time’s year,

And I will miss a good time’s year.

Spaceships lifting off, open dying world

Millions of left behind .. sky birds

Wasn’t..for you and I only you goodbye, goodbye

Now the sky could be blue

I don't mind

Without you it's a waste of time .

Could be blue

I dont mind

Without you it’s a waste of time .

Could be blue,

Could be grey

Without you m just miles away .

Could be blue

I don’t mind

Without you it's a waste of time.

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