Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam - Red Cape Diver

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tep up into the ring<br />

You might have just met your match<br />

You can't control that thing<br />

I would not take that chance<br />

Hey I am the red cape diver<br />

You can talk that talk, can you walk that walk?<br />

I am the red cape diver<br />

Ah it fires torpedoes<br />

So kiss your lolita<br />

Make sure they know you might<br />

Die hug your bambinos<br />

Have your last meal<br />

Make sure they know you're scared<br />

Ah I don't want to die<br />

Tell my momma that I love her<br />

Tell my poppa the same thing<br />

And when I step up into the ring<br />

Pray for me, I'm gonna need it<br />

Both of our eyes lock eye to eye<br />

Battle to the death, which one will die<br />

I'm so scared, I don't want my mom to die<br />

Or my dad or my dog or my best friend<br />

What if my boo boo died, what would I do without them<br />

What would they do without me, what would I do without... <br />

It fires torpedoes, I'm hit, I'm down

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