Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam - No Don't Shoot

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he said breath in

love is good to you

i can't say the same for me


because love is good to you

i guess i'm not the only one

Q-tip and holsterd guns

sesamy seeds find your buns, and i'll acuse you

because i've been so far

and i've been so wide

now i'm seeing all these things i never knew existed

dija bija dija bija dija boodah..

since you been good

since you been here

No don't shoot, No don't shoot, No don't shoot....NO!!!

i was in the bathroom the other day at school when a bar of soap under the sink cought my eye i picked it up and the name lisa was carved in it, 9 years laters later i watched my only daught walk beautifly down the aisle as she turns to me and says the 6 words i will remember for the frest of my life...

EEE OOOh aaaah. bigity bigity boooo

Bow Shiz zaww. biggity bigity booo

Bow Shiz zwaww. biggity bigity booo

I'm not a crook, i'm not a crook, i'm not a crook I swear

Thanks to ashley(bobby) for these lyrics

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