Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam - A Black Man\'s Breakfast

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think it was a Sunday morning, clouds in the skies<br />

Smiles on the faces of people walking by.<br />

<br />

There was no reason to be sad<br />

No reason to complain.<br />

<br />

If you saw the sunrise, you'd probably understand a little more.<br />

<br />

I can't wait<br />

To be introduced to the only one that matters.<br />

<br />

Say that you love me<br />

Say they you're mine<br />

Say that you'll be there 'til the end.<br />

<br />

There were cracks in the streets<br />

And oceans between us<br />

I saw lights in your hair<br />

It's a lazy summer day.<br />

<br />

I've got two plane tickets<br />

Two plane tickets to Paris<br />

I've got two plane tickets<br />

Two plane tickets right outta town.<br />

<br />

I will always wait for you<br />

And I'll divide the ocean in two<br />

So you can a path to me<br />

I will always wait.

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