Foster The People

Foster The People - Goats In Trees lyrics

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When I was gone inside the rack

Never found my way out

I still feel the difference

The animals they were getting tired

So I sing them song

Cause I promised not to take too long

I can’t find my way back home

I can listen to you if you want me

To drive to shed ,small

Yeah,I’ve been running against the waves

And I can’t hear the angels calling

The night news has been pulling me right back

Out of my stripe

I feel the change and the rising tide

Blood is in the loop

I burried there all my guilt and my youth

I’m on the outside and I’m falling apart

Uuuuuu,pleased to meet you

Excuse my hand

I’ve been bitten by an enemy

That’s pretending to be my friend

No I never wanted to be like them

I thought it was too clever to be brought down to the level

Of misfortune...

I don’t care now what is worth

But if you lift this burden off my back

I’ll follow you to the bloody ends

I live my life the way I want

But nobody can’t tell me they’re not afraid

Of ...Will I take it all in stripe?

I feel the change in the rising tide and

Someone’s in the room

I burried there my ...and my youth

I’m on the outside and it’s warm on the outside

That’s a lie ,I don’t wanna fall apart

Tell me I’ve been afraid

When nothing of these was getting closer

The darkest days upon you

Tell me I’ve been afraid

But I crawled and fell in hell

The darkes days upon you


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