Forge - 6.6.44

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The last moments of peace

Of calm: of clear vision

The fear is with us all

And death is coming closer

The barrier removes itself

And there we stand exposed to view

And then it all becomes too real

As the death comes ripping through

I hear the voices all around

I hear the screams of dying men

Voices fall silent now

Never to speak again






I climb out of the red

Engulfed by a constant roar

I see no enemy

A seemingly invisible force

Tears through all that surrounds me

Cuts us down one by one

I pull myself together

I force myself to run


Silent now: time slows down:

Only for a moment: I look around

Nothing makes sense: only for a moment

Frozen with fear: only for a moment

Now moving towards the source

I've got to kill the source

Reaching for the ultimate goal

Just trying to stay alive

Once more unto the breach dear friends

This is not the beginning or the end

And the battle rages on

Even with so many gone


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