For The Fallen Dreams

For The Fallen Dreams - When Push Comes To Shove

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You better hope I never find out what really went down

Your guilty conscience made you leave this town

I probably won't ever find out

Does your conscience eat at you?

I hope it eats at you

Memories forgotten inside my head

Never felt so good to kill off a thought before

All I wanted was to finally confide in you

All I wanted was to find the whole damn truth

Finally letting go

Finally moving on

I'd like to find the truth, that's why I wrote this song

Please don't tell me what's right from wrong

You've never been concerned with what you've done

I've never been concerned with what you've done until you did me wrong

I asked a question

I want an answer

I know you know where I stand here

I never thought I had to write this fucking song

To get the answers to the questions I've asked for so long

Your whole life has come unglued

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