For The Fallen Dreams

For The Fallen Dreams - Sober

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Tell me what's wrong, and why you're feeling this way

Don't hold It all In, you know that's never okay

Don't hold It all back

Say what you've needed to say

Don't be ashamed, I feel the same way I've been through It all at lease,

That's what I think

I'll teach you to float

I won't leave you to sink

I'll show you the way you will be okay someday

Drink the bottle down

Won't fill you up

You'll only feel more hollow

Do you think you'll feel better now It only gets harder with every gulp you


One day you'll go Insane

Lose your path

Push everyone out of your way

Pushing all the pain away

Push all the pain

Block everyone out, and everything they say

Stop pushing away all the pain.

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