For The Fallen Dreams

For The Fallen Dreams - Resolvent Feelings

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Arguing In circles Is all we ever do

You say we wouldn't be together If It weren't for you

Well, It's not for you I'm trying to let myself breathe

I'm done feeling misused

Release this grip you have on me

Let me free

Just let me free

Pick and choose what you're trying to prove

You're too stubborn to be refused

I will not take the verbal abuse I will not be damaged, or bruised

Here we go again

It's the same old thing

It's all been done before I wanna be happy

I wanna be free but It's hard to leave when this Is comfortable to me we go

Around, and around again

There's nothing left to say

These problems never go away you've recreated situations In your head that

Have never happened

For the sake of us, believe

Why does this happen time, and time again

It makes me gringe

Same old langsyne put aside all of your problems (your problems)

I don't care how you solve them

You solve them

And I can't stop you...

For the sake of us believe, yeah from feelings how you do

Push aside all your problems

Don't throw me with them

I will not be your resolution when dealing with my own problems how will I

Resolve them when I'm dealing with yours too

You've forced me to leave!

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