For The Fallen Dreams

For The Fallen Dreams - Living A Lie

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Don't take this the wrong way

I feel like I'm drowning

Surrounded by takers in a world overcrowded

Surrounded by liars

Don't get me started

Let's see who gets further, half, or wholehearted

Don't take this for granted

I know this is subjective

Take what's been handed, roll with the punches

Let's see who's left standing, or what could be mended

If life is a joke, I won't be offended

Trust me when I say that this is not the way

It's not the way

I've done all my time for all of your crimes

It's not in the rhymes I write line after line

It's in the lies you've lied time, after time

I feel sick to my stomach for all these lines that have been written

I feel sick to my stomach for all the lies that have been given

In my defense, can you see what I'm up against

I want more

Never laid to rest until this all makes sense

In my head, in my thoughts everything has a cost

All of this time, we've been living a lie

In your defense, might as well be laid to rest

Nothing more, nothing less

Doesn't matter if it even makes sense in your head

All this time, we've been living a lie

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