For The Fallen Dreams

For The Fallen Dreams - Lights

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Not yet for all that lights, leave your rights

Enough for all the sense, feel so pshico

I wish I was done with check and that

I guess I take a chance of what city want to say for one last time

You lift you right hand with no regret

You flip your life with no brakeless

Don’t always be with your flexing

Do you remember our nights when we get so high

Or let to forget all, let that to forget

No one will take your place …just stay empty

I was up to royalty, don’t walk in that last year

Together for all roast, roast, pshico club

I wish I was there for chasing that with all that noise

Or yeah for that I see is so sad

Forget I was take a chance and is figure one last time

Look what I saw, but selling all in there

Black carry queens

Don’t wanna ask, what I don’t know it’s spending in both ways

Black and awards

You want my …to always be you flexing me

Do you remember of the nights when I pray for

To those fuck game night

Or never forget flex I never forget to

Now how gonna take your place

When I flex on and on just for a napty

We talk the royalty soon,

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