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Fol Chen - Cable Tv lyrics

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Now you´ve been working so hard

Running in circles

Like a robot shorting circuits

Like it´s set to blow

I´ve gotta make an appointment

Just to kiss you

Baby I´m not complaining

But I´ve got to know

Won´t you come away with me

I´m not rich

But the first night is on me

You know I just got paid baby

I know a place and they got Cable TV

Now here we are

By the pool of this motel

Getting dizzy from the spritzers

And the desert heat

I´m getting tired of waiting

Fuck the hot tub

Let´s go back to the room

And watch some Cable TV

Won´t you come away with me

The carpets filthy but the ice is free

You know I just got paid

So we can order Pay-Per-View

If nothing´s good on TV

It´s getting late hit the lights

But leave the TV on

And put in the dance mix

Let the boom box boom

I thought that I knew what love was

Then I saw you

Dancing in your underwear too

And I think of you

When I think of you baby

My heart just triples in size

When I think of you baby<br />

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