Flobots - Something Grown Together

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something grown together

an agreement

whether or no the weather is hot or freezing

until the day of bereavement

something known forever

a convergence

of lifelines and lifetimes full of wonderings and longings and searchings

commitment and devotion

an adventure

a kiss to span the oceans when in sickness when healthy tired or injured

energy and passion

an investment

entering onto a path intertwined laughing crying and learning lifelong lessons

Verse :

something grown together

something grown together

something grown together

like branches of a banyan tree

deeply rooted in family

giving life to a canopy

much more than a crush more than a brush with where happenstance is standing

compatible hearts like raggedy anne and andy

bump bump

bump bump

but the beat changes up when he sees her

takkity takkity taka taka taka taka

takity takity-

can't believe the rhythm is so in sync

and that isn't there only strength

they were humming a tune

the sun and the moon

they didn't know what to think

but they were pleased to see these two young souls become mates

to provide light for a song that was sung right in one take

because there's no need to rehearse when you and your partner get in the zone

and you can't memorize words you've always known


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