Flobots - Sides

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Hey, yeah, hey

This is more than an idea

Singing oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Show me all of who you are

Singing oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

A voice from the wilderness destroy the Port-au-Prince

Building a lunar from the basic ingredients

Immediate response in reaction to the chemicals

Screening potassium, that tracks into the tennis shoes

Good academics trapped in academies

Who don’t produce movement, or produce strategies

Move into the datastream, picture this, we had a feel

Build a resistance to opiates and imbeciles

I hate to take a side, I gotta take a side

Well it’s time to take a side, stand up for what is right

Or should I say left, cause that’s usually where I find myself

Aligned for the future that we’re trying for

Spoken on my signboard, look across the line

You’re tired, you’re scared, you’re working overtime

More fatigue, price Lord, another giant’s born

Midwife got the … crying for


Singing Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh


How the west was,

How the west is

Show ‘em how the west is

One for my dreams

Two for my doubts,

Three for the people that have been left out

Four for the love that can save us

Five for the names on the graves, Troy Davis

Six for the pain

Seven for the ṗatience

Eight for the strains of the tough conversations

Nine for the kids in the front lawn racing to

Ten the joy that can never be taken

For all the life that was taken,

The times I’ve mistaken, the sides that I’ve taken

And the life that I’m making

The mystic frustrations, the top of that patience

Follows while bottles play faith

With a flash-cold harpoon-like tool

It still didn’t show-up

When justice hit the streets the definition didn’t hold-up

Above the other … it

The reason why we’re fighting

With the meeting of …

I can’t tell you where to go

Singing Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

You are never on your own

Singing Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

You’ll live on when we are gone

We’ll be everywhere and gone<br />

<br />

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