Flobots - By The Time You Get This Message...

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By the time you get this message

I will be behind the wheel

Watching dotted yellow hexagrams stretch into the dark

Left hand surfing on iced tinged winds

Chewing up a cardboard box

Singing at lung top

One stop left ’til I meet you in the concourse

St. Louie encore

Do we have a shot?


No dwelling on the thought

Of what the hell we haven’t got

So I’m headed from the dot to the spot

Where your plane touches down

For a six hour layover

Don’t say a word

I found it on the map

Calculated it

Just a half a day to get from where you’re not to where you will be

My hair is filthy

I’m drinking coffee

I can barely feel the trace

From the only time you kissed me on the face

Question mark space

I know you’re with me underneath the starscape

Treadmill pick up our pace

Headstart on a jet in a car chase

Is this the part where my heart breaks

One asleep one awake

Back to back ‘cause you wouldn’t turn towards me

Had me battling fractals keeping track of all the chords we created

Sound clash of swords

Back and forth

Couldn’t poke through the sash

Slash through the plasterboard

You packing your passport

Me on a crash course to show you that I have the passion that you asked for

Flooring the gas trying a fast forward fifteen months

I’ll see you once the sun shines through the glass above the dashboard

The stars I see aren’t even there

It’s only light in the air

By the time you get this message I’ll be either on my second flight

Or already all the way to my destination

Ridiculous that I could honestly expect you waiting at the gate when I arrive

A sixteen hour drive

I’ve been feeling so silly going on now several months

As our obsession runs together

And whoever comes to have you I’ll be jealous of

And when above all else you put her I’ll know what it was to feel so needed

Sorta wish that I was more of a romantic and could give you back the utmost

But I’ve never seen it up close

From everything that I can tell there are several possibilities

Maybe we‘re in love really

Maybe it’s too early to really see

Maybe we’re just searching for something to hold onto amidst confusion and fragility

Maybe we’ve lost all sensibility

Will it be come our Splendor in the Grass

When the facts have asserted themselves

And the memories pass into poetry and words that retell

What only then can we be sure that we felt

Guess I prefer to be unhappy

Or weren’t you looking at me when my back became a wall

Searched for your reflection saw exactly what you saw

Two kinds of different skin

Two minds exist within

Trying to just transcend all space and time

And lift their chin and find some sense of purpose

Some sense of hope

Press my cheek against the window surface

We’ve been afloat

But now I’m nervous

Has this been a joke?

We’re landing and it’s time to close the envelope

Maybe I’ll see you at the finish line

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