Fliptrix - Lean Star Gazer lyrics

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One time, one time


I’m a lean star gazer

I’m living free my rappin’

Giving free my actions

Never let myself get pow up in destruction

Thief and abuse and drugs

Fighting, television East papers lies are spin us

So don’t want that soulja initiate on one ?

Ain’t gonna get that throw my veins by slicing

It’s either here or there

When it’s private, if everybody knows you

Then tell me why you feeling lonely

Cold chills throw my spin and the jeers are ghostly

Cuz I’m cuffing on bloodily

Will it be your with that cuffin when these longs take me

Clear avoiding my mind, it sais maybe

Couple traces when this cuff man take me

Homes in the sky, anywhere you ain’t on stately

Nearing in a state G, will be a place where my man stay, stay straight

I had the time and space

Yeah it’s touring like a new day

Never cheating on my women cuz she be my true flame

And I can look her in her eyes and see how she makes me

Until the love brings healing that rekey

Her presence be the place where my fears can’t place me

Safely, hold her in my arms, we are bravery

Mamma right her can be the lost and we face with

Double OBS, I’m leaving this Avery

Spreading my wings like an angel to brake the

Cage on the hole on, the fake grip, the glip chain is main tricks

See my truth is contagious, I relay for pages, for my words and my name blinks

Keep the baler, stay bulla, hold me on stances

Even when my spirit got cold like grey sills

Bringing closer with the chadors

Unfold the arrangements, for goop statements

Sound gets tripping on the block and stay pavarates

Undone by many of the state, can’t wasted

And the way of that the stay shit stare

Sucks, better face it

Put that face with that face but nobody’s faces

Faces the place and your heart still vacuum

Til we met, I’ll make up

Running on full esteem

I reach hard and play cuz my dreams are major

He try late up, my dreams are major

On my lean star gazer and your chick fall greater

The will of the time that even fill son nature

Is believe and feel love, cry that later

I roll my lean and start days so I have cheat fall greater

You will look on return and reveal some ?

Is believe and feel love, cry that later

Is the way is up to be

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