Fliptrix - Jeheeze lyrics

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I'm alive right now, but know that death's comin'

My rhymes survived that though, it's just my flesh rottin'

No regrets, neva wished that I could change something

Sweat's bloody, now wolf is coming

Tryna bring the terror like an old Act Collin

Feel it in my guts, I can tell the storm's comin'

Find me in the whore house, pooled out, hummin'

Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley burnin'

Don't mistake me for something I'm not

I break the preconception down, in short I'm Attikis Paul

? upon the beat unlike a heart that has stopped

Tryna make me understand I'm like a part of the what?!

Neva standin' under jurisdiction, pardon it off

We define the list of ? that got me writin' the law

Terrorizin' the sportsmen, mesmerizing eyes and a jaw

Dominating world stars like ?

Got the situation twisted like yo mind's in a knot

It's just an never ending cycle like the time and the clock

We run the stock, the backward timing and we rhyme with the gods

To realize why I'm here before my life fear is gone

It's poppin' off like the stages at the places we rock

Come rip the hay chief cloth not(?)

Flossin' in the cuss cuz the stallers don't adopt what?

What? Afford it or not

I'd rather buy nas porcelain and jewelry coff

Hip-Hop's got community, rhythm and soul

I rap beautifully, define it adventure composed

It's not worth mutiny unless you wanna fuck with yo pose

I make a movie scene with lyricism screened in your tong

Leave me alone, advert-e deep in the zone

Keepin' it low like each of these speeches been cold

I like ? weed, not just use in this song

Cuz everybody's got a song put in like Nina Samone

See me heatin' up all ravenly when speakers are blown

Bleeding from cones, critics say I'm in a league of my own

Cuz I freestyle harder than your teeth and yo bones

I make the crowd scream Jeheeze, speech drippin' in gold



When I pick up the mic they go Jeheeze

Start flexin' my steez, they say Jeheeze

Fire off with them rhymes that go Jeheeze

Then I'm lightin' up the weed, I'm like Jeheeze

Europe softer than East, they go Jeheeze

Plus the West, let's not forget they go Jeheeze

From the city of sticks, they say Jeheeze

I got the whole and what Jeheeze

(Jeheeze Jeheeze Jeheeze Jeheeze Jeheeze Jeheeze)

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