Flatlinerz - Sonic Boom lyrics

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[Verse One: Tempest]

Sonic boom to the head of a dread cause he's tread

Upon the Flatline [?] niggas so now he's dead

Straight out the door, dirty dungeon graveyard

I broadcast and watch Sport Center, Ahmad Rashād

Tic tac toe we smack in the back, oh shit

I seem to catch a vic' if a nigga think he slick

I eat a rapper appetizer

Shady like a visor

Punch you in your mouth with my ring the high riser

Kitty cat kitty cat there's a mouse for you to house

But the kitty cat was dead when the dog bit off his head

On the contrary, it's legendary

So I bury

Your punk pussy ass in the Pet Sematary

[Verse Two: Redrum]

When it's a hit

I'm bringing the Tec-9 mad quick

Flipping the script and ripping your shit up so never slip

Jesus Christ, should think twice before the crucifix

Dip dip diver I'm coming liver than the full clip

Dig up the grave violate your resting place

Rest in peace, pieces, believe that I'ma chase

A nigga through the graveyard, the 100 yard dash

Passionately stash your cash you're out of gas

Don't try to flinch I got the itchy trigger finger

Ringing the neck and bringing the thing a ling a ling and run your check nigga

Open up a womb from a looney tune soon

All of the goons [?] bust 'em down sonic boom


BOOM to the head, you're dead now it's sonic {x8}


[Verse Three: Gravedigger]

Torture with a grip made out of tombstones

With a Flatline [?] broken bone and broken dome

I'm a rebel so I catch up with the devil

Put my status on his level with the treble, you're a pebble

The ink pen is sinking, the motherfucking king pin

It's the Gravedigger so I doubt when I'm creeping

Hit you when you're sleeping, I'll lug you down like a log to the morgue

Get you [?] put one in the spinal cord

I'm shooting (gun), I'm shooting [?] a motherfuck

I buck like a truck

One, two press your luck

[Verse Four: Tempest]

Three crazy motherfuckers, insane with mental problems

In my dreams, I'm busting Glocks down to goblins

And monsters, under my bed go get the sledge

Hammer, mack a framalama, mad niggas dead

So let's play freeze tag upon the burial ground

Stop (Sonic Boom!)

Everybody, what's that sound?

One, two, three, four, five

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Eleven, twelve

I'm ready to pop a dozen shells


[Verse Five: Gravedigger]

Gravedigger the nigga behind the trigger so you figure

It's time to hold your own cause you feel you're getting bigger

You once was my son [?]

I'm Flatline freaking, some Glock gonna burst

And all my enemies bodies are in a hearse

Let's visit the graveyard like the rabbit and the turtle

Jumping over tombstones like jumping over hurdles

I loaded the pump like the back of my hand

I'm like [?] mortuary van

God damn, it's fitting [?]

I got a gun I never run I never will I never ran

[Verse Six: Redrum]

I'm coming six feet deep

I went into the crypt without your grave

A peaceful nigga

Six or seven bullets to his brain

What's my name?

(Redrum the nigga from the slum)

And where I'm from?

(Brooklyn, where he got his gun)

I'm from the Flatline Massive, gun in the darkness

Sparking a fucking philly in the casket

You wanna puff? The plant is rough...tough guy

You coming dead, never live (check it)

All I wanna do is zooma zooma zooma zoom

Bust a .44 and put your ass in a tomb

[Hook]<br />

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