Flatlinerz - Run lyrics

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Hol' Up, Hol' Up


Ladies and gentleman!

Boys and girls!

It's dying time!

[Verse One: Redrum Simmons]

A bullet to kill, That's why im ill

For the real blood spill, the chills!

[?] are you getting the feel of graves?

Heaven to hell, (Help me!)

[?] You better be leaving now, or else we

Have to kill your daughters, they caught us and brought us

To the cemetery, (Yes Yes!)

Put us in the slaughters, pray to the lord

He ignored you [?] , now the liners is coming to

Gut you with the [?] We get so live (Evil!)

Live! (Evil!) No matter where you run, we see you

And I wouldn't wanna be you!

The blood of your crew runs like water

Run, Run! For the [?] waters!

Left, Stressed, [?]

As I [?]

Watch out behind you, because I'm coming to find you

Don't let me have to remind you!


Run, run, run, for your life

Graveyard niggas on the [?]

Run, run, run for your life


[Verse Two: Tempest]

Creeping up for once [?]

I come with the cannibals

I beat on certain fronts

And leave the rest for my animals

Now [?] are tasty, terror

Flatlinerz era, [?]

To all your groups, I'm through with my troops

With the horror based lines and the loots

While you [?]

Now deep down with the [?], [?]

Get the picture, check my scriptures

Watch me rip you, funky fixtures

It's all in the mixture

[?] Like a mothafucking tomb

Now what are you gonna do, when they are

Coming through cause, 1 2 death is coming for you

So go and [?] your luck, I'm screeching like a truck

Around the corner, I'll see you around the [?]


[Verse Three: Gravedigger]

It's the Gravedigger, [?]

A money maker, [?] the undertaker

[?] I flip words, [?] one strange bird

[?] My animal magnetism [?]

Bring it on, I put my knife right

Through your leg [?]

From a deep dark dimension, should I be

Mentioned, I be lynching

To the top, to the death I fill my soul with vengence

Picture a [?] with the second

Niggas that played their self around my way

They got [?], [?] Syndrome

[?] Coming up and down the surface, [?]

So whats the purpose?

[Chorus] x2<br />

<br />

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