Flame - Real One

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[Verse One]

From these times now and back down to Biblical days

Counterfeit Jesus' have raised in the ages

Searched the pages of the Biblion the Holy Bible not the holy quran

No, Jesus warns us what would come after

Matthew the 24th chapter

"For many will come in my name sayin' 'I am the Christ'"

But they're really actors

Woe unto those who chose and teaches

A non-Biblical Jehovah Jesus

Woe, they might use the name but read in anotha' meanin'

We must put a stop to the doctrine of demons

I must run this it might get hostile

We don't want the Christ of Oneness Pentecostals

We want the incarnate Christ of the apostles

The pre-existent Son, the One of the gospel


We want the Real One, I teach the GodMan homie

Represented through Christians is the real Jesus

We want the Real One, I preach the GodMan whoodi

Represent the authentic and real Jesus

We want the Real One, I teach the GodMan son

Represented through Christians is the real Jesus

We want the Real One, I preach the GodMan dirty

Represent the authentic and real Jesus

[Verse Two]

You're bound to drown in a broken ship

If your hope is in the Jesus of Joseph Smith

Woe, that doctrine will have your life stormin'

Come to the knowledge of Christ not to the one of the Mormons

Jesus is not Lucifer's spiritual brother

And the heavenly Father did not have sex with his mother

Mary, scary I seen them two dudes in my hood

Tellin' me God was a man at first and progressed to His Godhood

No, eternal is the Godhead

The Father has always been God that's what the 90th Psalm says

Keep your eyes on Jehovah's witness

Who mistranslates 1:1 of John in the Holy Scriptures

They say more to get your mind tangled

They deny Jesus is God but the incarnate Michael the archangel

If no angel was called the Son in Hebrews 1

Then why is Jesus called the Son


Brace youself dawg I'm bout to make it heavy

If you follow the Jesus of Mary Baker Eddy she's the Christian Science founder

The devil roamed around like a roaring lion I guess he found her

Her Jesus was just another man

Who showed the way to become spiritually advanced

Here good was infinite mind

And the Bible says Romans 3 all have sinned

Romans 2 that conscuious bears witness within

Romans 1 they know the God that wicked men

And muslims try to make the claim that Mohammad fulfilled Deuteronomy eighteen (18:15)


Jesus was more than a prophet

The One that died and rose and told Thomas to touch him

[Hook] (2x)

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