Flame - Like Christ

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[Verse One] She's always dancin' like every little chance she gets And little man can't wait to get his hands on the whip They don't understand life nor the issue of sin But they know the article and the issue that 50 was in You should hear them spit little man is always tryin' to battle rap I'm like follow me to the scriptures see where the battle's at But you can't you're watching College Hill I guess you drop your cup and let the knowledge spill I'm lookin' for the convicted to see who's new on the team And tired of doing what they do on the screen In other words, tryin' to see the ones that Jesus drafted No matter what round pick you were still engrafted You ain't gotta walk miles for cheesecake to be down with the squad Faith through grace will get you signed with God So let Him hear you say "I wanna be like Christ" He'll change the person's life, after hearin' the sinner pray [Verse Two] Look at baby girl is cute as a baby doll It's hard to reach her cause she's tuned into cable now She's watchin' videos starin' at all of the boys She's a sinner she doesn't know about Jesus' joy Yet she knows about the clothes and the latest fashion She should be on MTV news with the latest action About what's goin' on lately in the industry But she's clueless about Jesus' ministry She doesn't know her and God are still enemies Separated by nature now there's enmity She's so silly you should see her dance Only thing that I'm prayin' is that she sees her chance To meet the One with the world in His hands Personally as her Savior and start takin' a stand Begin to advance and stop chasin' a man I wanna be like Christ Is what the Father is waitin' to hear the young lady sayin' [Verse Three] You can't claim to be a Laker rockin' white and red See those are Rockets we headed with the righteous dead That's a category mistake like a solo group You can't take to the grave those Manolo boots Advice to you look to His life and the blood that He shed The sin price cost Him more than an arm and a leg And we ain't preachin' wrap it up You wouldn't have to deliver if you put the package up Get it? Everybody is lookin' for somethin' to be like But other somethings are nothing unless it be Christ The Bible instructs us we sinners and can't see light Our direction is left and sinners can't see right I can't wait til we finish and get to see Christ Mike is retired seek the Messiah I wanna be like Christ That's the only person God wants us to be like

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