Flame - Heart Stops

rate me

Just like the rims still spin

Even after your car stops

Then where will you spend eternity

After your heart stops

God and man have broken up

My dirty just like Destiny's Child

We need a Nas and Jigga

We Christians called back to reconcile

Now what's beef worse than part uno dos tres

It's mankind steady dying walking apart from grace

The unseen is sin its circulating like cancer cells

You selling work Christ the Savior

Come through and cancel your sale

He's calling men to repent just dirty answer your cell

And He can cancel convicted felon from satan's jail

Since Adam sinned this fallen world

We've entered and fell

And broken God's laws now all sentenced to Hell

But you want them spinning rims

Spinning on them big wheels big thrills

Plus you want you five chicks like 5th wheel

I be on the Christian life

You be on that Kryptonite

Where you gonna be if you and your peeps happen to slip tonight

That's why you see Christians right

Gospel raps and Gospel hymns

You can learn a lesson paying attention to them revolving rims

Instead of rolling with the Holy Ghost

Cat's rather roll on 24s

Gripping grain switching lanes

Gain the world just to lose their soul

Man it's hard for me to see you parish

Just to cop something with 80 carats

Listen Christians will inherit

More than Nikki Hilton and Paris

Yea you riding old school

'64 Chevy Impala

Yea it's cool but what if you get to Heaven and can't call Him Father

Get to Heaven and gotta call Him judge

Cause you love blowing swisher sweets

Cause your love truly was more spreewells on your feet

So that means that you esteem

Material things over the King

Rolling Jeeps with plenty screens

Than have peace with G-O-D

Jesus said that He's the Christ

Shining bright like Neon lights

Jesus said that He's the Christ

Shining bright like Neon lights

But our hearts love the dark

Plus our deeds evil mane

Check the hood that's my thugs

Let them desert eagles bang

But life is spinning like them rims let us in man He can't

After we die if we deny Him just to ride on that candy paint

Yea, it's true Jesus does love the hood mane

Especially cats whose recipe is that wood grain

Mixed with that gloss on that Chevy off in that candy paint

Who's getting bent off in they sin from drinking that drink

But it's these same ones

He'll cut off and separate 'em

From His love and His grace

He's given us an ultimatum

On a scale from 1 to 10

Cause our sin zero we rate 'em

We were shaped in this sin now our nature makes us hate Him

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