Flame - Christ Alone

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<b>Christ Alone</b> by <i>FLAME</i><br />FLAME - Christ Alone

There is no one like You


One day we'll be like You

Lord You're the only one who didn't sin only one who didn't bend

With temptation pressing in first Adam gave in ?After that Abraham

Noah did Moses did and many men before them

Yes even Israel after You split the Red Sea?After you rescued them

from Egyptian tyranny

Many kings and many prophets many priest just couldn't stop it

Man is so sin prone yet can't atone for our own problems

Yet in the wilderness the tempted tried to get You to fall

Three times satan tried but got a word to resist them all

You overthrew the devil's power the demonic put to shame

Jesus is our high priest we've got peace cause he overcame

Yes through Christ alone (2x)

Anyone who's in the Son died to when they hung Him on

Overcame when He overcame resurrected when He rose

New creation new humanity our insanity was overthrown

Our Lord was tempted and tried

See the serpent with angel eyes

He saw the Christ in the wilderness

He salivated with anxious eyes

He came to Him with the same tricks

Turn this stone into bread it's been awhile since You've eaten

Has Your Father left You for dead?

Is this the place the Spirit led You?

And all this time He hasn't fed You

You're the messiah Son of God

Yet somehow He neglects You

He'll protect you

Throw yourself from the pinnacle of the temple

It's simple remember this is biblical

I came to tell you the devil lies

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