FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs - Figure 8

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Lemme live, thru' yo vice, mass appeal

I feel in ten breaths it's a miracle if we're still alive

Can ya touch it? Is it real?

Paper cards that I feel

The slightest rip is a river that's ovaflowin' me

Sumethin' happened, just above me

I've a baby inside

But I won't give birth 'til ya ou insert yoself inside of me

I hear ya whinin', baby lively

I am an angel (hush now)

My back wings give the hardest slap that you've eva seen


Figures of 8 around yo face

Elaborate, yo eternity

You're so fuckin' fake that it’s hurtin' me

I'm just jealous cos' you're more alive

Than what I'll eva be

I take a step, I break my neck

Teach me how to lead with my middle finga

Boys growin' boys growin' girls into women

Teach me how to live life like I'm not a singa

Three three three three, hold that pose for me

Hush now, Hush now


Lemme live

Lemme live (hush now, hush now)


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