Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes - Pop Itch lyrics

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Now the boys and the girls, pick your fights, start in brawls

Thinking first lays and relays are reasons to get all worked up

Back up, son, cause baby’s got a neck

And she’s bothered like a bonsmith

Rhymes like it’s nothing

Who’s got the duck plates, who’s got the tape?

Who’s got the meth to get to the back stage?

Who’s got the helmet, who’s got the nut?

Limited edition, Jabba da Hut

Not including Jabba da Hut

Just the box for Jabba da Hut

Jabba da Hut, Jabba da Hut

And just to reiterate, Jabba da Hut


Just the pigon, bite your tongue

Burn your bridges and suck on your gum

We’ll see you

Stars are flinging like a clock on the wall

Roll another digit on your name and write in glow


(Verse 2)

Maybe make a stew full of brown ratchet peas and you

Put it in, lil burrow in a lil box room

In the lil burrow get the pretty lil tools

Spaghetti, hoops and brown ledgers

Little Scooby song, I took out my baby sitter

With pennies and Butrom, my hormone

Oh, my hormone

I still heard your loving song

My hormone, oh, my hormone

(Chorus x2)

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