Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends - Shake Her lyrics

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Don't let me stop you

From living in the past, I know how to

Meet me at the corner we both know

So I'll be sure of where to go

Just stop holding on to what you owe

And can I make you see that I

Am everything you're looking for


Oh, oh where ya wanna sing it?

I wanna shake her up like you

When I've nothing left to lose

(verse 2)

I never believed her

But I'm the only one who can see her

But I stay awake to make you feel at home

So take off all your clothes and fuck off

And I'll show you... don't you like to feel alive?

If by now I know you more

And can I make you see that I am everything you're looking for?



Oh, how I wanna sing it

Won't tell our parents where we've been

But I'm still feeling shaken off

This love is not enough for us


Your lips are moving ahead,

You're all over me, you shouldn't be

And I was never a threat to her


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