Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap - Whip My Wrist

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Ft. Monty




Aye, aye

(Hook x2)

Bitch, it's ZooGang and we start the dumping out the coupe

Got a thang full, thinkin' bitches down in my boot

I'm a Zoo god, know-know hold it down for my troop

Bitch, it's ZooGang and ya know we ball like we hoop


Bitch, it's Zooby-zoo, bitch who are ya? I'm flashin'

My diamonds on my and I come for twenty second

And I just brought a new bitch, I love the skirt

Ya are not born the ZooGang, we get the murk

I caught stacks, nigga, bring the racks, nigga, I move the packs, nigga

Facts, nigga, I keep it straight, nigga, I'll get ya whack, nigga

17 keep behind me and beside me

ZooGang, that's who signed me, get my 'Rari

My ride, bitch, I be flyin', seein' me dyin'

I'm Zoovy, I'm the leader, my boys, they brought it

Zoovy, who they die for and who they ride for

I got a lot of bets on that thing, I get a lotto


(Verse 2: Monty)

I pull up on yo plane, Gucci Zoo

17 Zoo Gang, nigga, tell me, who is ya?

And this bank wood got me high, it's some suey too

Remy Boyz, Remy Boy, ma, and it's Zoovy-zoo

Uh, dumpin' out the coupe, jumpin' out the roof

I'm in Hollywood, but I made it out the stew

Make a nigga poof, let my hitter shoot

We ain't backin' down, nigga, what ya want to do?

Got some hoes on my Johnson, I ain't with the nonsense

Nigga, what ya makin'? I could get it thompson

Got some hoes on my Johnson, I ain't with the nonsense

Nigga, what ya makin'? I could get it thompson


(Verse 3)

I'm the weedman, I be ridin' 'round with the zips

In that new thing, I be ridin' 'round with yo bitch

And if Zoo ride, dumpin' out the window clim

On the indoor and we gettin' high above the rim

It's on me right now, I ain't poppin' shit, I'm poppin' clips

Call me Esteban, I be puttin' work on 'em strips

I'm a zip god, who ya think be servin' all the troops?

Curvin' badge-ons, fuck 'em then I'm swervin' in my coupe

She wanna fuck now cos' I'm poppin' if she in the mood

And I'm bent up, that's the reason cos' I'm short not cute

Youz a broke boy, whoa, please don't make me call the troops

If we face to face, I'mma say 'Who the fuck is ya?'


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