Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap - She Bad

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(Hook x2)

Shawty know she bad, upper than yo class

When I pull out the ride, stick it everywhere she want

And don't bitch in your pass, got anything ya want

And girl, I luv that ass, mail it anyway ya want

Shawty know she bad, she bad bad, she bad yeah


Milk chocolate, she good, eat up like I should

All wise in my world, she luv a nigga from the hood

I'mma let you hop on my dick, you down? You gon' make it

That sign, I can tell you that sign, I can tell you bout the hop out the whip

Fine and I push it down, tryna have it

Sharpened up, now let's get this mula

Gotta follow with yo acts, call 44 fifth to his medula

Like the Nile in a walk, head bang bang baby girl I wanna screw ya

Let 'er check the shit, lay down, girl, just want to do ya

Tell yo nigga come down

Hooligans come in, a bunch of shooters

(Pre-Hook x2)

And I knew she bad, and I knew she bad

And I knew she bad, how would I do her

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

When I'm with a bitch like that

So pretty with an ass so fat

Great toes, ask nighttime in the track

Throwin' up a check, help me pile it to a stack

When we gettin' money up we countin' em racks

All black, just henny heels the match

Girl, I like it like that

Y'all like it like that, it's sun, just see through the

Look, true religion, I'm fresh but truer

Now with her we be flexin'

Young Fetty Cash the next one, Fetty all black stones on my necklace

Black like diamonds in my bracelet

Too wood what we facin', I will start a rave on the third floor

Hunt it up and traced it here


Shawty know she bad, upper than yo class

I just pulled out that beemer, she just pulled out that Jag

We got through haters' mind, they calling the sign

But I don't give a fuck, because I'm never looking back


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