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Ft. House Party



I think I'm gonna call this project "For My Fans"

I hope you guys fucking like this

This is really what I have to fucking do, man

(Verse: Fetty Wap)

I'm drinking pink champagne out of Sprite bottles, ayy

I pour up pints of the lean, baby

Rich days, rich nights and nice models, ayy

Feel like it's all but a dream, baby

I still ain't mastered my skill levels

Bitch said I look cool in my six like Bill Russell, ayy

Skinny nigga, my music is all muscle, nigga

I don't carry weight, I just lift it, I don't struggle, ayy

RGF was the greatest gift, ayy

Now I'm cruising in the latest whips, ayy

I'm screaming out like we made it, bitch, ayy

Cuz I came from nothing and niggas know it, ayy

And I came from New Jersey, niggas know it, ayy

And niggas did me dirty and niggas know it, ayy

Now I got all this cash and niggas know it, ayy

Coulda had the same chance but it blew it, ayy

(Interlude: Fetty Wap)

Yeah baby, whoa

Yeah baby, whoa, ayy whoa, ayy

Coulda had the same chance but niggas blew it, ayy

Had the same chance but niggas blew it, ayy

Ya coulda had the same chance but boy ya blew it, ayy

I'd like to thank my fans

Becos' of ya guys I do what the fuck I want

Man and it feels fucking good

1738! Squaaaad!

(Verse 2: House Party)

Niggas send threats when we see 'em, it's neva nothing

And every coupe I jump inside, shit start with a button

My niggas on my side, so ya could neva touch me

Ya niggas bark, no bite, I swear this shit is funny

Ya niggas suspect, got bands I ain't touched yet

Mom just bought a car and we don't know where the trunk at

Can't see where the love at cuz all we see is hate

My whole team a bunch of shooters

Zoo Curry, we Golden State now

Back roads, Versace lotion, yo bitch is crazy with it

I can get yo bitch right now, bet ya eighty hit it

Wap just bought a brand new car, he's in Mercedes, nigga

Just know that when I pull out, I ain't playing with ya

Used to be the nigga they play

Now I'm a fat mothafucka that got bitches for days

We could go toe to toe any night, any day

Or we could go flow to flow, howeva ya want to play, ayy

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