FES TAYLOR - G-Clap lyrics

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Can I get a G-Clap? For my G's on the grind

Where that cheese at? Got money on they mind

Cause we need that, new coupe with the seat back

This is how your G mack, now let me get a G-Clap

Clap, clap, I ain't talking bout

Fans putting hands together, I'm demanding cheddar

Only rock name brands and better

So my wolves still band together

I take on, any MC, band, whoever

Me and Prez jump off, get banded together

It's the new 2 Live Crew, I get hoes to do

Shit your man couldn't pull off, boo

That's the new V-12, I pull off two

With your press on hair weaves, pull off tools

Pants off, drawers move, pull off too

I still stroke in the whip, two door coupe

Yup, something like Rudolph in his youth

You shining, now all of a sudden we cool

Beef in the hood, try to bring the streets back

Drama with Taylor, is how you get a G-Clap

Me, I'm like collar, your boy get dollars

Fresh out the coupe, no scuff on my pradas

I'm just cooling, fly like an ostrich

Kidnap your broad for a week like a hostage

I'm in the drop six, she my top chick

My co-pilots, all on my cockpit

No conscience, me, I don't play the role

Air force Pete, ma, nah I kept the sacred ho

A G grind it up, especially when the cake get low

Alien pinky ring, make my whole finger glow

Whoa, you see the chain and the bezel

That should tell you right there, niggas ain't on my level

Benz with the metal, first one to act up

Hit him in his chest, make his ass do a back tuck

Stab me back, what? Mash like a mack truck

All my G riders, throw them G stacks up

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