Feed Her To The Sharks

Feed Her To The Sharks - The World Is Yours lyrics

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You've come too far

to turn back now

This is a song for the broken soul


It's time to rise up, take a stand

Break down the walls and face your fears

There is nothin' about you that is ordinary

Get up, get up make a choice and turn this life around

You've come too far to turn back now

Erase all the memories of your past

Just let it go


I'm lettin' go of all my fears

I won't let this world defeat me!

I'll walk this road for 1000 years

Until this heart stops beatin'

(Verse 2)

This world is in yo hands! Rise up and take a stand

I will not lay down defeated, I will overcome my demons

You are alive, wake up from this dream

Make it reality, the only thing that stands in your way is yourself

You've got to make yourself believe, this possibility

Stand up and fucking scream, the world is yours



Stand up! Stand up! Stand up and face your fears

Just know that you are never alone

Pick up the pieces, believe in yourself

You are not broken, you are the reason this life is beautiful!


Thanks to Heavy metal Nico for correcting these lyrics

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