Fear My Thoughts

Fear My Thoughts - 6 Billion Mirrors

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sure it hurts to question my behaviors and be honest to me<br />

so often I just blame all the others and shift the consequences<br />

why can't I see that the bad moods are only born in me<br />

every person that i meet can teach me something<br />

but even more I could learn from the persons that I meet and dislike<br />

i believe that everything I can't stand is something I can't cope within me<br />

so if I am honest with me I can use the others as a mirror<br />

a mirror for showing me- for showing me myself<br />

I - can see me - in - you<br />

why do I fear this reflection of yours?<br />

So much I could learn from just watching myself<br />

But maybe i just fear to realize me<br />

That I'm not the one i always wanted to seem<br />

My perception of others is a reflection of me<br />

So I will use you to explore myself<br />

I want to explore myself<br />

I need to explore myself<br />

Watch my whole world- in yourself<br />

I see it clearly- if I want to<br />

No fear to accept you- I'll accept myself

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